Manitou Point Preserve
This is the hike of the week for 5/20/2010 as described on the NYNJTC site. It's a wonderful hike that covers much of an area once occupied by the Livingston family. Their beautiful mansion is still intact, and now the headquarters for the organization Outward Bound. The mansion, by the way, is for sale. According to a local we talked with it's listed for $12 million. Now if I can only negotiate that down to about $100,000 I might be able to afford it. The views of the Hudson are wonderful; a good part of the blue trail skirks the banks with constant views. One of the more fascinating features of this preserve are the amazing cairns. The vast majority (near all of them, in fact) are completely unnecessary because the paths are blazed so well (though on part of the yellow trail past storm damage have knocked over many blazed trees). There are more cairns here than in any area I've ever hiked, and they're beautiful! It's obvious that someone with a lot of skill spent a lot of time working on them.

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White trailhead

Gorgeous ferns

We surprised a turkey vulture

Stream crossing

One of many awesome cairns here

Plant protectors


Looking down one


Manitou Marsh

Red-winged blackbird

Gate at Manitou Station Road

Woods road along marsh


Muskrat dragging a plant

Amtrack train across marsh

Abandoned building

Its roof is gone

RR with Sugarloaf looming in the rear

Wider view

RR with Bear Mountain bridge


The Livinngston mansion

Bench with Hudson River view

Hudson River


Blue trailhead

Narrow path warning

West Point

Mountain laurel looking south

Mansion across the Hudson

Steep drop in spots


Sugarloaf Mountain & Amtrak

Another great cairn


Someone had lots of time!

View north

Boat on the Hudson

Boats under Bear Mountain bridge

Bridge with Bear Mountain in rear

Polopen Torne looms over river


View south

View west

Further inland

The RR tracks directly below

The dock of the mansion

Mooring hook

On the dock steps [Photo by Laura]


Decrepit barn on woods road

Giant sycamore

Steep climb on Yellow trail


Moth on a blaze

Waterfall at ice house

Path parallels entrance road

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