Marble Hill

Marble Hill (7/26/2014)

After spending two hours yesterday trying to find a new place to go hiking today (something that is becoming quite impossible for someone who has hiked so many miles of the state already), I decided to once again stand on the trekking poles of giants and follow in the boot and paw steps of my friends Daniela and Shawnee. They hiked this wonderful, rugged, overgrown, rocky, hilly area one week ago. So we headed here today to do all the trails they did and more.

Using the map (which is outdated) in this brochure we parked at the southern end of Blue (on CR621) and headed up, up, up onto the mountain continuing on Blue, then Orange, then Blue, then Yellow and then a Red-on-Yellow connector trail (not on the map) back to Blue, which we then took all the way to the cornfields north. We turned back at the ruins in the cornfield, continuing back on Blue until we got to the very steep powerline cut (which is denoted on the map as Yellow, though not blazed at all). At the bottom, just before reaching Marble Hill Road, a wand with a Yellow blaze directed us back into the woods and we followed Yellow (as blazed on the map) all the way back to Red-on-Yellow (not on the map), then headed south on Blue all the way back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 5 miles in 3.5 hours, with a fair amount of climbing!

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Blue trail head

Large pull-off

Mourning Doves

Overgrown Blue

Heading north...

...on Blue

Parallels road here

Now it climbs


And climbs

Views of...

...the Delaware River

More climbing

Pennsylvania across river

More climbing

Now on Orange to...

...Fulmer Iron Mine

Various... of...

...Fulmer Iron Mine

Informative sign

Another pit?

Heading north on Yellow


Stream crossing on Yellow

Hunting chair

Back on Blue

Narrow path

Trail tomfoolery

Blue is wild in places


View of...

...Pennsylvania farms from...

...power line cut


Trail wildflower


Raspberry picking [photo by Laura]

Blue heads to...

...edge of... cornfield

[Photo by Laura]

View east

Gorgeous field of crops


Abandoned barn

Farm ruins

Blue continues through farm

Delapidated barn

Not quite ready!

Rolling farm fields


Back to Yellow (power line cut)

Very steep, slippery descent

Wand at bottom

Ferns on Yellow

Heading south on Yellow

Red-on-Yellow connector trail

Climbing on Blue

Rhododendrons on Blue

Sign at overgrown Delaware River view

Sign at rhododendron thicket

Descending on Blue

Back to bottom

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