AT at Mashipacong

Appalachian Trail at Mashipacong (8/7/2010)

This is a hike of my own invention, covering a part of the AT that we have never hiked before: parts just east and west of Route 650 in Montague Township, NJ, near the southwestern boundary of High Point State Park.

It's a figure 8 which begins in the parking area off Route 650 just where the AT crosses the road (in fact, the AT traverses through the parking area). We headed north on the AT from the parking area (towards Maine) until we reached the red-dot Iris trail the second time. There we made a left onto the Iris trail. After crossing the gas line cut we were planning to follow an "unmaintained trail" heading west clearly marked on the NYNJTC map (Kittattiny Trails May 123, 2009 edition). The map specifies both "Stone Wall Ruins" and "Ruins" on this trail as points of interest. However, the trail was filled with overgrown prickly plants so after visiting the stone wall ruins we headed back to the Iris trail (perhaps we'll go back in the winter). Back on the Iris we took it to Route 650, crossed the road, and headed on an unmarked woods road to the Mashipacong AT shelter before making a right turn on the AT and heading back to the car.

Total distance hiked was 4.8 miles in less than 3 hours.

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High Point State Park kiosk

Bear warning!

AT heading north

Laura at the AT registry

Slight climb



1st intersection with Iris Trail

Hunting safety zone

Dan taking ... [photo by Laura]

... this photo

Didn't see the dog!

[Photo by Laura]

Heading to the ridge

On the ridge

Kittattiny Valley below

View SE

Taking in the view


[Photo by Laura]

Jersey farmland

Antenna off trail

Antenna close-up

Lush vegetation on the ridge

Gas line cut looking NW

Curious bird

Not so curious bird

A rocky AT

Trail mushroom

Short steep decline

[Photo by Laura]

Green ferns

Climbing again

Gas line cut from Iris trail


Stone wall ruins

Downed tree

Bridge over tiny creek

Mine tailings?

Sturdy trail marker

Ruins where only fireplace remains

The Top of NJ

Woods road to shelter

Tiny wildflowers

Bears love trash

Inside Mashipacong shelter

Reading the journal

Nice sturdy shelter

Heading back to car

Parked across Route 650

Looking south down Rt. 650

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