Mill Creek Marsh

Mill Creek Marsh (5/21/2010)

This is the hike of the week for 12/18/2008 as described on the NYNJTC site. Like the Hackensack Meadows hike that we did last year, many may be put off by this park, where much of the trail is within sight, and sound, of the New Jersey Turnpike (the trail head is actually in the parking lot of the Mill Creek Mall). But despite the man-made noises, the trail is filled with bird songs, and birds. It's an oasis in the midst of modern chaos, which you can see in the photos. Here you'll find stumps of ancient Atlantic white cedar trees -- and the Empire State Building looming over them in the background. This park was badly damaged by thunderstorms and windstorms earlier this year and was actually closed to the public for a month or two. Storm damage can still be seen all over, but it's coming back to life and definitely worth a visit.

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Parking at trail head

Trail head

Beautiful moth

House sparrow


Empire State Building

House sparrow

Ancient cedar stumps

Tree swallow

Tree swallow

View towards Manhattan

Tree swallow

Mallard couple

Turtle on stump

Queen Anne's Lace

Dan on bridge [photo by Laura]


Mallard grooming

Ancient cedar stumps

Bench in the shade

Juniper berries


Sandpipers and Plovers

Great egret


Great egret and gull


Canadian Goose

Sandpipers with skeletal remains

Gull in flight

Informative signs abound


Goose with Egret (on one leg)

Gull feeding




Lone gull


View of Manhattan

Canadian goose family


Protective parents

Peaking tree swallow

Peaking house sparrow

House sparrow

Birches line the path


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