Mombasha High Point

Mombasha High Point, Sterling Forest (1/5/2008)

We attempted this 6-mile out-and-back hike less than two weeks ago (on Christmas Day) but the icy conditions forced us to regroup. Today, much of the packed snow and ice was still there, but we came prepared with our brand new Yaktrax Pros. Yeah baby! We parked on East Mombasha Road in Sterling Forest, where the AT crosses. Then we headed west on the AT, climbing at least two peaks of Buchanan Mountain and then Mombasha High Point. It was a fairly strenuous hike. There were places on Buchanan mountain where the descent out and ascent back was not only amazingly steep but almost completely covered in ice ... LOTS of ice. Yaktrax were, of course, useless here so careful footing and butt sliding were in order.
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Armed with our Yaktrax!

Packed snow on Buchanan Mountain

Little Dam Lake from Buchanan Mountain

Ice on the steep descent!

Ice on narrow path, steep drop to the left

Even sliding is tough here

A very icy AT


Steep descent continues

Yes, I have open hips [Photo by Laura]


Another steep descent

Macro of ice crystals

Taking a breather

Houses to the south

View south

Tree lover [Photo by Laura]


View south from Buchanan Mountain [Photo by Laura]

Snow in Sterling Forest

Peter Buck plaque

Nice boulder field

[Photo by Laura]

Thin stream ice

Pond frozen solid

Photographing ice [Photo by Laura]

Boardwalk west of West Mombasha Road

AT marker on Mombasha ascent


Mombasha Lake through the trees

Mombasha Lake

Klaibers Pond from Mombasha High Point

Tower in Tuxedo Park

Our lunch spot on Mombasha High Point

Turning back at Mombasha High Point

View of Mombasha Lake [Photo by Laura]

Mombasha Lake

Mombasha High Point through the trees

House on a cliff

I put that rock there

Total ice

Buchanan ascent


Houses south of Buchanan

The icy ascent

Finding tiny patches ice-free

And grabbing


I'm in control. Honest. [Photo by Laura]

It's Miller time!

Back down to the car


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