Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Walk #25 ("Monmouth Battlefield State Park") in History Walks in New Jersey gives a general description of this park, and of the very important battle fought here, but it provides no specific hike to follow. So, armed with this map and a couple of brochures we obtained from the visitor's center, we improvised, spending a very enjoyable 2.5 hours walking nearly 5 miles through history on an extremely blustery morning.

Our hike was an amalgamation of the History Hike (which can be seen in red on the aforementioned map) and two hikes described in two park brochures: Walking Tour Number 1 (Combs Hill to the Hedgerow and Parsonage) and Walking Tour Number 2 (Perrine Hill and the Sutfin Farm). We also did a few spurs that weren't part of any hike, including a visit to the Thompson Taylor farmstead, and the famous Old Tennent Church and burial ground.

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Front of visitor's center

Cannon and Von Steuben statue (rear)

NJ and US flags in the heavy winds

Inside the visitor's center

View of Parsonage Farm from visitor's center

Crossing Spotswood South Brook

Parsonage Farm


[Photo by Laura]

Folks looking for artifacts

Orchard in Parsonage Farm

Displays describe the battle

Well between RR tracks and Rt. 522

Thompson Taylor house

Dairy apparatus and tower

Crossing Spotswood Middle Brook

Spotswood Middle Brook

View of Sutfin-Herbert House

In Sutfin Farm

Corn field in Sutfin Farm

View to Craig Farm

Approaching Sutfin-Herbert House

Sutfin-Herbert House

Well behind house

Corn cobs litter the fields

Bird houses in Sutfin Farm

On Perrine Hill

View east

View west

Conover-Perrine House


Perrine Hill

Old Tennent Church

The burial ground

Old Tennent Church

Revolutionary era headstone

Erickson grave in front of church

Old Tennent burial ground



Names of Americans who died at Monmouth

Road through Sutfin Farm

Conover-Perrine House

Wand of the white trail

Sutfin-Herbert House

Tunnel under the RR

Northern edge of Parsonage Farm


Crossing field to visitor's center

Visitor's center on hill

Corn field in Parsonage Farm

Boardwalk over Spotswood South Brook

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