Monroe Ridge

Monroe Ridge, Ramapo Valley County Reservation (8/28/2010)

This is the hike of the week for 2/9/2007 as described on the NYNJTC site. It's a somewhat strenuous hike with lots of climbing to the Monroe Ridge, first on the Halifax trail to Hawk Rock with an amazing vista looking east, and then on the Ridge trail to another fantastic overlook this time looking south. This hike has everything. In addition to the views already mentioned it has lakes, ruins, streams, a waterfall, and a river. It's a very popular park, so you will encounter loads of people at the beginning and at the end (closer to parking lot = more people).

Total distance hiked today was 5.8 miles (not sure why the hike description indicates 4.6 miles) in about 4 hours.

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In the very large parking lot

Kiosk at trail head

Scarlet Oak Pond

Turtle in the pond

Southern bank of Scarlet Oak Pond

On the Halifax trail

Western bank of pond


Serious climbing begins

A curious deer

More climbing

View from Hawk Rock

Lake Henry below

Scarlet Oak Pond

View SE

View NE

More climbing

Manhattan skyline

Downhill on Halifax trail


That used to be a car!

Dry creek bed in Havemeyer Hollow

[Photo by Laura]

Halifax ruins

House foundation

Corner pillar

Baby garter snake

Climbing on Ridge trail

A tangled forest

We disturbed two vultures eating

And the other one

Heading to second viewpoint

Manhattan skyline

Big houses in hills

What a mansion!

Near our lunch spot


Downhill on Ridge trail

Old bridge on Silver trail

Stone cabin ruins on Schuber trail


Used for youth camp

Stream bridge

Ramapo River from Schuber trail

Ramapo River

Huge stump near end

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