Mosle Trails, Schiff Nature Preserve

Mosle Area, Schiff Nature Preserve (8/14/2016)

Last month, we hiked 5.6 miles in this beautiful area, with the intent of hiking even more, including the loop through which Mosle Road passes. You can see that area in the southwestern corner of the current official map. But when we got to the northern trailhead from the main trail network, we were unable to cross the raging brook. Today we returned to hike that part, parking in the small grass lot off Mosle Road.

Today was the fourth day of a brutal heat wave that has descended upon New Jersey. Yesterday the feel-like temperatures were over 115 F in some areas! Today the forecast had temperatures just as high, so we hiked close to home and kept it short. Even so, when we arrived at the trailhead at 8:30 AM it was like we were hiking in a steam bath. For the first ten minutes I had to continuously wipe my camera lens and you can still see the steam in the earlier photos. By the time we finished 90 minutes later the feel like temperature was already over 90 F. By the way, there is more climbing here than I anticipated.

We parked in the lot off Mosle, hiked north all the way to the brook, then returned back to the field headed west along the northern edge. Instead of crossing Mosle Road at the southern turn, we headed back along the southern edge of the field, passed our car, crossed Mosle and continued the loop in the clockwise direction. The views of the brook are beautiful here. We then crossed Mosle Road again and repeated the southern field edge back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was just over 2 miles in under 90 minutes.

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