Mount Hope Historical Park
This is Hike 15 ("Mount Hope Historical Park") from the book Hiking the Road to Ruins with the addition of a hike along the White and Blue trails which are east of the parking lot (Steinberg mentions these trails at the beginning of his description, indicating that he'll say more about them later, but never does). We hiked in this park nearly three years ago to the day but at that time we did Daniel Chazin's 2.7-mile hike which stays on the blazed Orange and Red trails west of the parking area. This time we not only hiked everything in Chazin's hike, but also added non-blazed trails and roads, bushwacking to ruins, and the aforementioned White and Blue trails. We actually hike every blazed trail in the park, and then some. Total distance this time was 5.8 miles, with lots more ruins visited, thanks to Steinberg's description.

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At the trail head

Sign for Richard Mine

Powerline cut looking west

Dan taking previous photo [photo by Laura]

Saplings on Red trail

Neabo Mine #2 pits


Laura on other side of giant pit (with Dan's shadow)

Fence from mining days

Another huge pit

Hungry tree

What's this giant pit called?

Significant leaf drop

Mostly bare trees

Macro shot of dew on leaf

Old growth

Ruins near Richard Mine #6

Mt. Hope Mineral Railroad path

Photographing beauty

Yellow color on the RR path

Fossilized lava

Ruins near Richard Mind #2

A rail from the Mineral RR

More old growth

Ruins on hill at Richard #6

Bent water pipe at Richard #6

Another abandoned structure at Richard #6


Deep mine pit at Richard #6

Fence protecting major mine shaft

Let's explore this mine shaft

View from below

Back on unblazed road heading east

Exploratory pit

Abandoned water tower

Tower and foundation

Side of tower from below

View inside

Concrete foundation

Ladder on tower

View south from tower

Ruins near Richard #2

Better view of major mine shaft with huge pipe

Pipe is capped with concrete slab

Color on unmarked road below water tower

Ruins of house on unmarked road

View from small concrete structure

Dan inside structure [photo by Laura]

Gate at end of unmarked road

Dan on rubble of building [photo by Laura]


This used to be a graffiti-ridden building

Laura photographing ...

... this


Huge mine north of water tower

View south from huge mine

Another angle of huge mine

Mine tailings and water tower

Curious buck

Not curious for very long


Chipmunk on White trail


Barbed wire at Old Teabo #2

Another dangerous opening at Teabo #2

View over fence

Our lunch spot ...

... at Old Teabo #2

Santa fell in the mine

View from Blue Trail

Phragmites on Blue Trail

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