Muckshaw Ponds Preserve, South

Muckshaw Ponds Preserve, South (1/17/2016)

This preserve has been on my list for years. After passing the southern entrance (on Fredon Road) during our last hike, I decided that this would be our next hike. And we weren't disappointed. It's an amazingly-varied area with some nice short climbs, swamps, ponds, overlooks, fields, interpretative signs and more. Today we did the trails in the southern half of the preseve. Using the very good map at the kiosk near the trailhead on Fredon Road, we took the Sinkhole Pond trail north to the northern tip of Big Muckshaw Pond where we then continued east on the Upper Woodlands Trail to its intersection with the Seasonal Pond Interpretive Trail. We did this lollipop trail entiretly and then headed back to the car the very same way we came.

Total distance hiked today was 5.2 miles in 3 hours. We'll be returning to do the northern trails as soon as we can.

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