Nassau Trails

Nassau Trails (5/24/2014)

Last weekend, as part of our hike visiting sites along the Taylor Steelworkers Historic Greenway, we trekked along part of the Nassau trail south of Nassau Road in High Bridge, New Jersey. We were struck by its beauty, nestled in a small parcel of land in a residential area. Being such a small piece of land, we didn't know whether we could spend a morning hiking here. Although the multitude of criss-crossing and parallel trails afforded many opportunities, parallel trails run nearly adjacent to each other so the variety is limited when on foot (the obstacles are different when on a bike). But then we noticed an entire set of new trails north of Nassau Road. You can see them on this map. That settled it for us. We knew there was some exploring to do. So we returned for the second Saturday in a row.

Today we parked in the southern Nassau Road lot, headed west into the forest, zig-zagging back and forth until we reached the northern Nassau Road lot, crossed Nassau Road and hiked just about every new trail north of the road (we didn't hike the unmowed perimeter of the farm lot). We then returned to Nassau Road, crossed it, and continued doing more trails in the area south of the road. The track is impossible to describe in detail, but those interested can see our track here. There are no views, there are no ponds, no rivers, but it's a very pretty place, undulating up and down, left and right.

Total distance hiked today was 5.4 miles in under 3 hours.

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