Allaire State Park - Northern Section

Allaire State Park, Northern Section (11/16/2008)

This is Hike #41 "Allaire State Park" in the 3rd edition of 50 Hikes in New Jersey and is also described on this page from the NY-NJ-CT Botany Club. The first half of the hike is a horse-shoe shape in the northern part of the park (north of Altantic Road). The remainder traverses paths south of Atlantic Road and passes through the restored Allaire Village, the highlight of the hike. We added about a mile more of walking around the village, bringing the total distance to 5.5 miles.

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At the trail head

Barbed wire

Saplings west of the trail

Holly is here ...

... in abundance


The pines of ...

... the Pine Barrens


And beach-like sand

Pipe and water tower


Lovely carpet of pine needles


Curious deer

Bed of former Freehold-Jamesburg railroad

Track of the ...

... Pine Creek railroad

Water along the Raceway

Close-up of Row Houses

Row Houses

Foreman's Cottage


Mill stream

Mill stream

Howell Works Iron Furnace

General Store and Manager's House

Charcoal Depot Site

Carriage House

Inside stables

Enameling Furnace

Enameling Furnace

Door to furnace

Stable and Carriage House

General Store and Manager's House

Behind Carpenter Shop

Carpenter Shop

Millstones by Mill

Carriage outside Mill

Stairs to mill stream [photo by Laura]

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