Nordkop Mountain

Nordkop Mountain, Harriman State Park (1/24/2009)

This lollipop is a hike of my own invention, pulled together after examining the new NYNJTC Southern Harriman trail map 118. It turned out to be a spectacular hike with lots of viewpoints, wildlife, and snow! There were several inches on the ground from previous snowstorms in the past month. We had to stop about 10 minutes into the hike to put on our Yaktrax, which came in handy for most of the hike.

The hike begins at the circular parking area at Kakiat County Park on Route 202 in Montebello, New York. Head to the trails, passing over Mahwah River and then hang a left on the orange-blazed Mountain trail. Take this trail to its northern end and make a left on the white-blazed Kakiat trail, and then a left on the yellow-blazed Suffern-Bear Mountain trail (one of the longest trails in Harriman). Take this trail all the way to the power line cut, with the huge pylons. Make a left on the road for those power line pylons and follow that meandering road all the way back to the orange-blazed Mountain trail. Make a right here and take that back to the car. Total distance was about 6 miles in about 4 hours.

There are views at several points on the Mountain trail, as well as along the power line cut later on. It was here where we kept surprising groups of deer that bolted when we came within a few dozen yards of them. Other highlights included the seemingly infinite animal tracks that were all over the snow, including deer, fox, raccoon and possibly black bear. The woods are alive indeed.

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Kakiat trail heads

Ducks fishing ...

... in Mahwah River

Mountain trail head with snake warning

Starting the climb

View SE


Raccon tracks

More climbing


Views keep getting better [Photo by Laura]

View east

Houses in Montebello

Kakiat parking circle

View NE

More climbing

View to Corbis Mountain

View N to Corbis


View of Corbis Mountain

View east from local high point


Power line cut looking NE

Service road for gas line

Gas line cut

About to turn on Kakiat trail

Giant icycles [photo by Laura]

Giant icycles on Kakiat trail


Mountain Laurel on Kakiat trail

More raccoon tracks

Grandpa Rock ...

... on Suffern-Bear Mt trail

Tiny tree in Grandpa Rock

Grandma Rock [photo by Laura]

Grandma Rock

Ice art [photo by Laura]

Lovely snow on SBM trail

See the Manhattan skyline?

Like powdered sugar

More ice art

Bear cub tracks?


View from SBM trail

Gas line cut


View SE from gas line

Animal tracks abound

[photo by Laura]

Snow graffiti

Resting by a cairn


Approaching Valley of Dry Bones

Valley of Dry Bones


Road for power line

Our lunch spot

Manhattan skyline


Hiking back under power line

[Photo by Laura]

Meandering service road

Fox tracks


Interested deer

Uninterested deer

Nature and industry


It doubles as a bridle path

More fox tracks

Back on Mountain trail

View east




A short breather

Bridge over ...

... Mahwah River

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