Nordkop Mountain II

Nordkop Mountain II, Harriman State Park (2/7/2009)

We hiked the northeastern part of Nordkop Mountain two weeks ago. On that day we parked in the Kakiat parking lot in Montebello, New York and took the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail west from its intersection with the Kakiat trail. We got as far west as the power line cut and took that power line cut back. This time we hiked the southwestern part of the mountain. We parked at the Suffern train station just off Route 59 and hiked the Suffern-Bear Mountain from its trail head on Route 59 (just north of the NY Thruway overpass) to the Kitchen Stairs, before turning back. There wasn't much snow on the trail at road level, but after we got to the peak of Nordkop, with two absolutely spectacular (but noisy) viewpoints, the snow was at least 5 inches deep for the remainder of the hike.

We hiked about 4 miles in less than 3.5 hours, lots of it spent climbing.

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The Shamrock Hotel in Suffern

The Suffern depot

Walking under the NY Thruway

The trail head is at this wall

At the trail head on Rt. 59

NJ Transit trains in rear

Raccoon tracks


Views as we ascend

Laura climbing

And climbing

Taking a break

Route 287 looking south

View south

View west

View south from first viewpoint


More climbing

NY Thruway

Route 287

[Photo by Laura]

View west

Laura's Kahtoola microspikes

Coyote tracks

Weasel or mink tracks

View SE

NY Thruway looking SE

View from second viewpoint

We'll be back here for lunch


Abandonded chairs

Packed snow from here on

Gasline cut looking west


Zoom-in of house in cut


Power line cut looking west

Looking east

Playful field sparrows

Loads of saplings

[Photo by Laura]

Huge rocks at Kitchen Stairs

Descending from Kitchen Stairs

Back at power line cut

View east of NY Thruway



Bear tracks!

Bear tracks

About a 2-foot stride


Rabbit tracks

View east from off-trail look-out



That's a shiny building

[Photo by Laura]

Our awesome lunch spot!

Katoolahs rule!

Ice under snow

Final descent



Back to the trains

Route 59 looking west

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