North Hill

North Hill, Harriman State Park (6/3/2011)

I took the day off from work to go hiking with my friend Andy. Examining the latest Southern Harriman map from the NYNJTC, he came up with a hike that visited five "starred" vistas on and around North Hill: Torne View, the Russian Bear, the Pulpit, and two other unnamed vistas. As it turned out, the hike contains many more than just five since a good portion of ridge walking here affords nearly constant views. But there is a lot of climbing, some very steep ups and downs, so the going is slow and somewhat strenuous. But the weather was perfect with nearly no humidity ... and nearly no mosquitos.

We parked at the Reeves visitor Center, headed east on the Pine Meadow, then the Stony Brook, then the Kakiat trail before crossing south over Pine Meadow Brook just north of the impressive Cascade of Slid. Here we took the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago trail south to the Seven Hills trail. We headed SW on the Seven Hills (which is aptly named) enjoying almost continuous views. We had lunch just north of Torne view, then proceeded south where we made a left on the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago taking that to Russian Bear. Next we made a left on the Raccoon Brook Hills trail, visiting the Pulpit, then walked the Reeves Brook trail its entire length back to near the visitors center.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 7 miles in just over 5 hours.

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Reeves Visitor Center

Stony Brook

A rocky Pine Meadow trail

Heading east on Stony Brook trail

Old bridge over Pine Meadow Brook

Pine Meadow Brook looking east

Newer bridge over Pine Meadow Brook


At Cascade of Slid

Andy climbing

Cascade of Slid

Narrow rock ledge at the Slid

Bridge north of the Slid

Crossing south to the H-T-S trail

Mountain Laurel is beginning to bloom


Fields of bloom on H-T-S

White Mountain Laurel blooms

Andy surrounded by green

View west from Seven Hills trail

View north from Seven Hills

Admiring the constant ...

... views west

Interesting rock fragments

View to Arden House

Heading SW

Another view from Seven Hills

Powerline cut west

Looking SW ...

... on Seven Hills trail


View north

Very steep descent begins

It's much steeper ...

... than it appears

Andy near the bottom

View back to the top

More mountain laurel


More views on Seven Hills

View west to Arden House

Our lunch spot

Andy at Torne View

NY 87 from Torne View

Manhattan from Torne View

Ramapo Torne from Torne View


More steep descending

And now a rocky steep ascent

View of power station from H-T-S

Cairn on H-T-S

Descending on H-T-S

Ferns on H-T-S


Ramapo Torne juts out from right

View of power station ...

... from Russian Bear

Zoom in of power station

Green grass on H-T-S

At intersection with Raccoon Brook Hills

Andy contributes to huge cairn

Near the Pulpit

Gorgeous bloom

Purple Iris on Reeves Brook trail

Huge boulder on Reeves Brook

Reeves Brook

Ferns on Reeves Brook trail

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