Ogden Mine Railroad
Last week we hiked in this WMA in the woods west of Edison Road. Today we returned to hike the abandoned railroad bed of the Ogden Mine Railroad as far as it goes south before coming into private property just north of Glen Road. It's a beautiful path, nearly 2 miles out and then 2 miles back for a nice, relatively level 4-mile walk in the woods. But instead of retracing the entire railroad bed, on our return we twisted and meandered on woods road (many of which are not on NYNJTC Trail Map 126) in the section east of the railroad bed adding two more miles, with a bit of elevation gain.

Total distance today was 6 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Entrance to Edison trail

Fresh rain drops

Taking previous pic [photo by Laura]

Climbing to RR bed

Ties of RR bed

A spike!


Beautiful green path

Another spike

Ties still in place

Crossing Edison Road

RR bed south of Edison Road

Beautiful cut

It was misty in the cut


Interesting spider web

Log balancing

Heading south

Two spikes


How did that grow?

RR bed is elevated high in parts

Mine off trail

Frog in mine

Mine from other side

Mine frog

Another mine frog

Another spike on path

Giant lichen (compare to ferns)

Tiny eft hiking the RR bed

Tiny bright red mushrooms

Ties thrown to the side

Powerline cut

Red-tailed hawk on pylon

Passing through Mountain Laurel

Downed tree hopping [photo by Laura]

Very narrow path

Private pond at end

Taking a tiny breather

Heading back north

Following an unofficial white path

Climbing on "white"

More mushrooms

Woods road intersection

Big boulders off RR bed

Huge tree mushrooms

Boulder on RR bed

Downy woodpecker


Remains of ? at end of woods road

New trees from dead trunk

Life is unstoppable


Concrete pipes

Bright lichen

Beautiful lawn of ...

... big mansion off woods road

Very short Edison Road walk

Stone lanes of ...

Edison Mine storage facility

Climbing in ...

... to have a look


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