Old Troy County Park

Old Troy County Park, Parsippany, NJ (1/5/2014)

We got as much as a foot of snow in some parts of northern New Jersey two days ago, and with a Freezing Rain Advisory in place all day today, we weren't really planning on hitting the trails as of last night. But when we woke up we discovered the rain had been delayed until about noon, so we headed to this relatively close little county park to hike every blazed trail. And although it was about 15 F when we started out (and perhaps a bit over 20 F when we finished) it was a blast! We were the first hikers, since the snow, on one segment of the trail network, but there were other adventurous souls before us on the vast majority of the trails. But we were the only ones there today, both at the beginning and at the end. And our timing was perfect: as we drove home it didn't start raining until we turned on our street, a mere 30 seconds from our garage!

Using this map, we headed on Yellow, turning right at the pond, continuing east, then west, passing Orange until we got back to the pond. At this point we backtracked on the last leg to Orange, taking that all the way back to Yellow and back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was about 2.1 miles in 80 minutes.

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