Lake Onteora

Inspiration Point, the Catskills (5/5/2015)
This is Hike #32 ("Onteora Lake") from the book Catskill Day Hikes For All Seasons (November 2002). It should be noted that since that book was written the trail systems seems to have changed so that it's no longer possible to follow the route in the book, which loops the lake in its entirety. This afternoon we were forced to do a lollipop. After making it to Pickerel Pond, instead of continuing south to complete the Onteora loop, we had to continue north and eventually taking the trail along the western bank of Onteora Lake back to the car.

This was the fourth of seven hikes we did in the Catskills during a five-day stay in Woodstock, New York. Total distance hiked was 3.9 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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