Smith Rock

Smith Rock, Smith Rock Park, Oregon (7/19/2007)
This is hike #32 ("Smith Rock") from the book 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades (3rd edition).
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The Crooker River at Smith Rock, our trailhead

Footbridge over the river


Man and his best friend wade across

Pigeons taking flight from their roost


First glimpse of a climber


Natural bus stop

See the climbers?


Poisonous snake on the trail

Egret in flight over Crooked River



Taking a rest

First glimpse of Monkey Face

Climbers all over the face

Climber in its mouth


Climb to Monkey Face


Climber coming down

Trio ready to ascend

Two guys and a gal


We're now above Monkey Face

Climber and his two assistants

Not for a million bucks


Photo taken from pointy ledge opposite Monkey Face

Family admiring the view

Ledge (where I was) and mouth


Dusty switchbacks leading down

Our buddy Alex

Alex racing us down



Nests of some sort

Roosting pigeons


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