Otto's Farm Park

Otto's Farm Park (10/2/2016)

This is the second of two parks we visited today in Central New Jersey. This is an interesting area, with wide grassy paths to the west (with some small climbs) but very narrow, somewhat overgrown (and difficult to follow) trails to the east. A bit further east is a nice working farm which had very picturesque hay bales scattered across the field.

Using this map, we parked at the lot off of Wertsville Road (enough room here for at least a dozen cars) and headed south past the giant weeping willow, covering just about every trail except for a few of the short-cuts that connect the longer trails to each other. It's a beautiful spot with some nice views north from the higher hills in the south.

Total distance hiked was about 2.3 miles in an hour and 20 minutes.

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