Overlook Mountain

Overlook Mountain, the Catskills (10/22/2007)
This is hike #29 ("Overlook Mountain from Woodstock") from the book Catskill Day Hikes For All Seasons (November 2002).
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Trail is an unrelenting uphill road

Laura about to collapse

Laura collapsed

First glimpse of the Overlook Mountain House ruins

Fountain at front entrance

Fall foliage inside



Spiral staircase to back entrance

Inside from staircase

Staircase to lower level

Abandoned building behind hotel


No Trespassing? Oops!

At back entrance

Street between two buildings


Fountain behind hotel

Path to fire tower

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower

View of the Hudson from tower

View of Hudson from higher up

Ruins and radio tower from fire tower

View west from tower

Hudson from even higher

Laura snacking below

View north from tower

Hudson River valley from tower

Closeup of hotel ruins from tower

Approach to Overlook Summit

Graffiti at summit ledge

The photographer photographed (photo by Laura)

Hudson River

Graffiti hunting

Dan at summit ledge (photo by Laura)

View south

View of the Hudson


The Hudson River

The undulating Catskills


Rock beneath the fire tower

Radio aerial near the hotel ruins

Chipmunk in the ruins

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