The Palisades

The Palisades (12/5/2004)

This is trip #22 ("The Palisades - Bombay Hook") from the book Nature Walks in New Jersey (2nd edition).
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Park Headquarters

Stone tunnel to Long Path

Cape Flyaway

Cape Flyaway


George Washington Bridge from Excelsior Dock

Cliffs from Excelsior Dock

Looking south from Excelsior Dock




Cliffs of Ruckman Point

Cliffs of Ruckman Point

Cliffs of Ruckman Point


"Misfits" graffiti on ascent to Long Path

Ascent to Long Path

Barge on the Hudson

Women's Federation Monument [plaque]

From atop Women's Federation Monument


June, 1891 graffiti atop Ruckman Point [detail]

Atop Ruckman Point

Atop Ruckman Point


Looking down at the Shore trail

Atop Grey Crag

Staghorn Sumac atop Grey Crag

Amtrak from atop Grey Crag

Bridge to Grey Crag


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