Paulinskill Valley Trail: Viaduct to Blairstown Airport

Paulinskill Valley Trail, Viaduct to Blairstown Airport (9/13/2009)

This is one section of hike #3 ("The Paulinskill Valley Trail") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). The entire hike in that book is a 9.5-mile section of the 27.4-mile Paulinskill Valley trail beginning at the massive Paulinskill Viaduct and ending at the parking lot in Kittatinny Valley State Park on Spring Valley Road in Marksboro. It's a shuttle hike requiring two cars. Those with only one car, like us, need to hike this in out-and-back sections. This afternoon we did the western 3.5-mile strip. And it was a total delight.

We first visited the incredible viaduct at street and river level, and then scrambled up the hill on the northern side of the Station Road and walked along the top. The views of Mt. Tammany were amazing, showing its entire length from its western end at the Delaware Water Gap to its eastern tip. After about 1.5 miles of exploring we hit the trail and trekked all the way to Blairstown Airport where we had lunch at the wonderful little Runway Cafe. This was the first time we ever had freshly served veggie burgers and fries on a hike! We then promptly walked a good part of it off by returning to the car 3.5 miles away.

Total distance covered was 8.5 miles in less than 4 hours, including a sit-down lunch.

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Approaching the viaduct

Laura is dwarfed by it!

Amazing stonework

Too huge to photograph!

The Paulinskill River

View of one of the bases

View of arch from hillside

Atop viaduct looking west


View southwest

Delaware Water Gap

Mt. Tammany

View southwest

Eastern end of Tammany

Rails and ties are gone

Laura joined me

Laura and Tammany

Laura on the viaduct

Scrambling back down

That's slippery

Colorful graffiti

Through the arch

Back to road level

Station Road trailhead

River and old telephone pole

Heading east

Paulinskill River

Approaching power cut

View north of power cut

Beautiful farm

Narrow trail


Lush grass on trail

Bridge crossing

Paulinskill River near Vail

Bikes yield to all

Near a road crossing

87 miles to Jersey City

Small pond off trail

[Photo by Laura]

Another view

Another farm

Child of the corn

Trail sign

Cornfields and Tammany

Rare trail kiosk

Abandoned railroad ties

W for "whistle" at road crossings

Still heading east

First view of airport

Lake Susquehana

Guppies in lake

Trail sign and windsock

Wingless plane

Sign in back of cafe

Plane taxiing in

Our lunch spot: Runway Cafe

Laura's lunch [photo by Laura]

[Photo by Laura]

The Runway Cafe

DWG across airport road

Ducks and swans in Lake Susquehana

[Photo by Laura]

Farmland and Mt. Tammany


Another "W" for "whistle"

Curious mail box

Heading west


Beautiful wooded trail

Turtle in Paulinskill River

Paulinskill River

Wild flowers on trail


Horse tracks

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