Pequest WMA
The Pequest Wildlife Management Area, located in the Kittatiny valley in northwestern NJ, has approximately 4,000 acres of land and is used mainly for hunting and fishing. But there are lots of unblazed trails, including two abandoned railway beds, as well as three blazed trails near the headquarters and trout hatchery. Unfortunately, those were both closed today, as well as the connecting road between Route 46 and Janes Chapel Road. We ended up parking in the lot for the fisherman at the Pequest River (just off of Route 46) at the beginning of the entrance road to the hatchery, and walking (for 15 minutes or so) to the red-blazed trail. We ended up hiking a lollipop which included the road walk to the red interpretive trail, then the yellow trail, and eventually back to the car.

Total distance was 3.5 miles in about 2.5 hours. The snow was substantial on the trails, over a foot in some parts, though much of it was at least partially trodden. Had it been less snowy we would have hiked the long blue trail as well. That will have to wait for next time, when we return to do that as well as part of the Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad bed that parallels the Pequest River. A nice trail map can be found here.

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Fishing in the Pequest River

On Janes Chapel Road

Lime kiln on red trail

Info sign for black bear

Large boulders on red trail

Wooden blazes


Abandoned nest

Climbing on red

Stream crossing

Intersection of red & yellow

Taking a break on yellow

Powerline cut

Climbing eastward

View downhill west

More climbing

The cut goes for miles

Still not at the top

Wide view to Kittatiny valley


View west

Yellow turns north

Snow was deep here


[Photo by Laura]

Heading downhill to pond

At the frozen pond

View from the hill

Bat house!

Intersection of blue & red

A snowy path ahead

Kittatiny Mountains


Another info display

Back on red

Open field to the east

Information kiosk

Farm field



Field to the west

Winding rows

Trail head for red trail

Fish tanks ...

... at the trout hatchery

It was closed

Visitor's Center

Live trout in there!

Outside visitor's center

There's one!


Vultures love it here

Weather station

Owl nest box


House on the hill

Hatchery building

Bluebird house

Entrance sign for the WMA

View west of fisherman

Closer view

View east of fishermen

Watching them fish

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