Perrineville Lake Park
It's nearly spring, but it hasn't been warm enough for long enough to melt the snow on the ground. Up in Nothern New Jersey the residential roads are still too narrow for safe passage, and most of the plowed snow piles are 3-4 feet high. So we've been on the look-out for hiking places that satisfy two criteria: (a) the parking area is accessible, and (b) the trails aren't too deep (we've sunken into snow knee-deep enough for the season). So when I saw the photos that my friends Daniela and Shawnee took in this park just three days ago, I knew I had our destination for this weekend.

Using this map, like Daniela we parked in the lot on North Rochdale (which, strangely, is not on the map but has room for at 6-8 cars) and headed east for a lollipop hike. The "stick" was the Rocky Brook trail. After it crosses Agress Road, 2.4 miles east, we took the 1.5-mile Lakeside Loop, with partial views from above of Perrine Lake, before heading back to the car along the Rocky Brook trail.

Total distance hiked today was just over 6.5 miles in just shy of 3 hours.

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