Plainsboro Preserve

Plainsboro Preserve (6/14/2014)

This place is a little gem. With over 5 miles of hiking trails, a very beautiful lake, grasslands and swamps, a large parking lot, and a fantastic visitor's center (it's Audubon, after all), you can't go wrong. Today we hiked just about every trail in this beautiful little preserve except for the new 0.5-mile Orange trail that begins behind the visitor's center, and part of the Yellow trail.

Using this map we crossed the field south of the parking lot and took the Education trail through the woods, continuing west on Yellow, then doing the Red loop. We next took Yellow west to the border of the preserve property, then backtracked and continued north on Yellow to Green which we took to White. White is the most-traveled trail in the preserve, since it leads to every other trail. Next we took Maggie's Trail on the isthmus in the lake, a gorgeous little trail with views on both sides. After doing Blue in a counter-clockwise direction we took White all the way back to the parking lot.

Total distance hiked today was 5.1 miles in just a bit over 3 hours.

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Visitor's Center

Field south

Bee boxes

Hornet on bee box!

Boardwalk on...

...Education trail

Sadistically-painted bird house!



Trail signs

View to open field

On Yellow

Red Loop

Animal track...




Gorgeous greens...

...on Green trail


Outdoor classroom on Green

On White

[Photo by Laura]

McCormack Lake

Behind the lake

McCormack Lake looking east

Fish in lake

McCormack Lake


[Photo by Laura]

Eastern Pondhawk

On Maggie's Trail

View south

Beaver lodge?

SE tip of Maggie's trail

Stone bench

View SE

View north

Marker on Maggie's Trail


Tree Swallow

Baltimore Oriole

Common Whitetail

Maggie marker



[Photo by Laura]

On Blue

On Blue

Blue skirts the lake

Calico Pennant

Calico Pennant

McCormack Lake

Mating Atlantic Bluets


Blue trail along the lake


Calico Pennant

Birdhouses abound

Blue on edge of field

Blue through...

...ferned forest

Water tannins

Laura and damselfly

Variable Dancer

RR ties along Blue here

Curious mama deer

And her baby!

Our lunch spot

Back on White

Fawn crossing White

Lake McCormack from White

Tree Swallow

House Wren

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