Pole Farm

Pole Farm (4/24/2016)

This is the second of two Central New Jersey preserves we visited today, the other being Curlis Lake Woods. One can actually hike from one area to the other, passing Rosedale Lake, but this would add a few miles to the hike. Today we did the section west of the lake (the first hike) and then drove (not much more than 5 minutes) to this area, which is south of the lake.

Using this map, we started by parking at the Red Barn parking lot (enough room for at least a dozen cars) where Keefe Road meets Cold Soil Road. Wow, was this place a surprise! It's apparently only a few years old, a beautiful sprawling area, quite reminiscent of Doris Duke Farms, with information signs along the way, open fields, wooded paths, nature blinds and paved paths. You can easily spend a morning or afternoon here! But bring a hat because you will be exposed to the sun a good percentage of the time. This area used to be used by AT&T Bell Laboratories (where I used to work!) as the site for a gigantic antenna installation, which allowed world leaders like FDR and Churchill to communicate secretly with each other during World War II. Information signs tell the history.

Our hike is too complex to describe here, but you can see the track here Total distance hiked was about 4.5 miles in about two hours.

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