Popolopen Torne

Popolopen Torne, Harriman State Park (10/23/2010)

This is the hike of the week for 6/1/2004 as described on the NYNJTC site. But instead of starting at the usually-crowded Fort Monmouth (just off Route 9W), we started at lovely Brooks Lake and encountered no crowds ... until we got to Fort Monmouth near the end of the hike and ate lunch overlooking the Bear Mountain bridge and the Hudson River. The fall foliage was near peak today and the weather was beautiful once again. This is one of my very favorite hikes in the entire area, with sweeping views in every direction, and wonderful rock scrambles up and down the mountain.

As a side-note, we did this hike back in May, 2006 and at that time the monument to our fallen troops at the peak of Popolopen was shorter than Laura. Now it towers over both of us and has expanded in every way. It's a touching tribute, every rock having been carried from the very bottom to this very high peak overlooking West Point Academy.

Total distance hiked today was 5.9 miles in just over 4 hours, with lots of climbing!

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Swan on Brooks Lake

Is that comfortable?

Abandoned structure off trail

View from inside

Yellow color on Timp-Torne


Climbing a hump of the T-T

A rocky descent

T-T is woods road here

Sturdy road foundation

Old bottle on trail

From Morristown

Beautiful lone sycamore

Lots of leaf drop

Joggers heading into West Point

Climb of Popolopen begins

Steady uphill

House on a hill

Route 9W bridge over viaduct

Bear Mountain Bridge (BMB) and Hudson River

View west into West Point

Up a whaleback

[Photo by Laura]

Walking on bare rock

Autumn red

Continuing to peak

View west

View SW

Laura looking to West Point

View NE of Hudson

View SE of Hudson


Giant remembrance cairn

[Photo by Laura]

It grew since 2006!

Snapping close-ups

[Photo by Laura]

View directly west into West Point

Fall foliage west


Sweeping view east from here

Laura with the BMB and Hudson

Hudson looking SE

BMB with Anthony's Nose behind

Palisades Interstate Parkway

Heading down

Very steep descent

PIP in rear

Slope of Bear Mountain

View east

BMB and Anthony's Nose

Clambering down

Lovely fall colors

Tricky descent

Butt shuffling required

Taking a breather

Back on level ground!


Sturdy bridge over Popolopen Creek

Enjoying the view

Creek looking east

Creek looking west

Opening on Popolopen Gorge trail

Lots of boulders

Reflections in Roe Pond

Reflections in Roe Pond

Laura at pond

Route 9W bridge

Bear Mountain Bridge

Popolopen Torne towers above

Walking north on Route 9W

Display at Fort Montgomery

Trail passes under 9W

[Photo by Laura]

Route 9W bridge from trail

Lunch at Fort Montgomery

Colorful path to pedestrian bridge

Gorgeous fall colors

BMB from Fort Montgomery

Colors at Brooks Lake

Color overhead

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