Primrose Brook

Primrose Brook, Jockey Hollow (3/1/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 6/12/2003 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. This is also the first hike where we actually met a national celebrity! Can you identify him the third row? He was out for a hike on this cloudy Sunday afternoon, just before the arrival of a major snowstorm, with his son and his dog. Yes, that's Neil Cavuto of Fox News and Fox Business networks. He was such a gentleman, concerned about a stray dog who had joined them on their walk, taking the time to introduce us to his son. He told me he lives in nearby Mendham.

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Sign for the Aqueduct Trail

Stream and culvert near trailhead

Culvert under Jockey Hollow Road

Primrose Brook trail

Red cedars

Puncheons through swampy area

Nice climb


View of the brook from above

Neil and his son

Stone stairs


Descending on log steps

Primrose Brook


Red cedars and bridges

Bridges cross the brook ...

... at least four times


[Photo by Laura]

Crossing on stones

[Photo by Laura]


Water ruler

Deer exclosure sign


Signpost along the way

Huge roots

A tree "eye"

Winter color

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