PVT: Plotts Road-Route 94

Paulinskill Valley Trail: Plotts Road-Route 94 (11/8/2015)

Oh my! What a difference a week makes! Today we returned to the dirt lot on Plotts Road, the exact same place as last week, to walk another segment of the Paulinskill Valley Rail trail, something we have enjoyed doing at least four times since the summer. Last week we did the Great Valley Rail trail (though not in its entirety), along with the abandoned Spirol Road from Plotts Road. This time we walked up the steep road to the entrance of the PVT, took that all the way north to Route 94. Here we turned back but instead of doing the entire segment as an out-and-back, we descended in a powerline cut to Spirol Road and took that back to the car, in the opposite direction from last week.

Comparing last week's photos, where there was still a bit of foliage, to this week's photos shows that it's just about all gone. There was a tiny burst of color just before Route 94 (you can see this in the photos), but nothing more.

Total distance hiked today was just over 7.3 miles in 3 hours.

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