Queensboro & Turkey Hill Lakes

Queensboro & Turkey Hill Lakes, Harriman State Park (11/29/2010)

This is the Hike of the Week for 11/25/2010 (Thanksgiving) as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference site. We visited the southwestern bank of Turkey Hill Lake earlier this year when we climbed Long Mountain. Today we visited it from the eastern bank and skirted the southern bank, but after first visiting Queensboro Lake for the first time ever. We've hiked in Harriman dozens of times in the past few years but this new hike, designed by Daniel Chazin, proves that it will take much more time before we mine all of its treasures.

Total distance hiked today was 4.9 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Climbing the Fawn trail

Bear Mountain from Timp-Torne trail

Saplings on T-T

Climbing on T-T

Popolopen Torne from T-T

View north

Perkins Memorial Tower


Blue blaze of T-T

Seven Lakes Drive

Looking east on Seven Lakes Drive

Heading to Queensboro Road

Crossing over the PIP

Dam at ...

... water treatment facility

Swamp off T-T

Swamp phragmites

Tiny Lamb's Ear


Pistol range off trail

Popolopen Creek behind pistol range

Informative history sign

Popolopen Gorge trail

First ...

... views ...

... of ...

... Queensboro Lake

Beaver lodge in lake

Rocky bank

Looking south ...

... from northern bank

Cairn marks side trail

Popolopen Gorge trail

Descending after a climb

Pool and ...

... cascade behind ...

... Turkey Hill Lake dam

Turkey Hill Lake looking NW

Lake view NE

Bear Mountain ...

... and Perkins Tower

Turkey Hill Lake

Beaver work!

Long mountain across lake

Turkey Hill across lake

View north

View east from southern bank

Anthony Wayne trail

Loaded with acorns

Park maintenance facilities

Crossing Queensboro Brook

Swampy stretch

Crossing Route 6

Heading south on Anthony Wayne

Park building ...

... on Seven Lakes Drive

Bridge over ...

... Queensboro Lake

Pyramid-shaped rock

Downhill on carpet ...

... of leaves

A rocky stretch

Southbound PIP exit 17 ramp

PIP looking south

Crossing over the PIP

Back to Anthony Wayne parking lot

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