Raccoon Brook Hill & Diamond Mountain

Raccoon Brook Hill & Diamond Mountain, Harriman State Park (8/16/2008)

This is the Hike of the Week for 10/7/2005 as described on the NYNJTC website.
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Behind Reeves Visitor Center

The rocky Pine Meadow Trail

Boulders in Stony Brook

Stony Brook


Tiny mushroom

Climbing Raccoon Brook Hill

Rock ledge of Raccoon Brook Hill

Ladder on Raccoon Brook Hills trail

Changing batteries [Photo by Laura]

View from Raccoon Brook Hill

View SW

View NW

On Raccoon Brook Hill

Grasshopper giving birth?

View east


Poached Egg trail

Pine Meadow Road West

Fishing on Pine Meadow Lake

Lake through trees

Pine Meadow Lake

Lily pads on lake


Pine Meadow Road West

Dan at lake [photo by Laura]

Beginning climb of Diamond Mountain

Other hikers on Diamond Mountain

View of Pine Meadow Lake

Turkey vulture


Lunch on Diamond Mountain

Intersection on ridge

The descent


Ridge of Halfway Mountain

Kakiat trail


Parallels Stony Brook

Back to Pine Meadow trail

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