Raccoon Brook Hill

Raccoon Brook Hill, Harriman State Park (5/7/2013)

I haven't climbed Raccoon Brook Hill, with its sweeping views (and the only existing ladder in all of Harriman, I believe), since 2008. So my friend Andy and I thought it was about time for another visit. And the weather could not have been better. Early forecasts had it raining today but it was sunny for virtually the entire hike. And, for the first time this hiking season, it was what I would call hot. Yes, summer is nearly here. I can feel it. The park was alive with green leaves and yellow buds. For an excellent comparison see the second photo from today and compare it to the second photo from three weeks ago, when we started at the exact same point.

Today we once again parked at the overflow lot near Reeves Meadows Visitor Center and took the Pine Meadow trail east only this time all the way to the Kakiat which we took east-then-south to its southern intersection with the Raccon Brook Hills trail. This trail we took NE, climbing Raccoon Brook Hill steeply at times (including the aforementioned ladder) to get to the several sweeping views on the ridge. The 2012 version of NYNJTC South Harriman map has only one vista star on the entire mountain but there are at least three nice viewpoints (the map from a couple of years ago has two vistas denoted). At the end of the RBH we headed back north on Kakiat, crossed Pine Meadow Brook on a newly built bridge then headed west along along the northern bank of the brook. We next continued west along the Stony Brook trail before finally taking the Pine Meadow trail back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was about 6 miles in about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

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Seven Lakes Drive heading east

A much greener trail head

Walking sticks for the taking

Pine Meadow trail is ...

... bursting ...

... with green!



Mountain Laurel

New Kakiat bridge

On Kakiat climbing

Glacial erratic

Blueberry fields

Climbing on RBH trail

Cairn on Raccoon Brook Hill

First views

Spring yellow

Andy at bottom climbing

The RBH ladder awaits

Steep boldering

Streak of quartz

The RBH ladder

Andy awaits me

Expansive views

Powerline cut from ridge

Relaxing with the view


Our lunch spot

Continuing on RBH

Third vista ...

... from Raccoon Brook Hill

Iron in that rock

The gorgeous RBH

Glacial erratic ...

... on RBH

Fourth vista on RBH

Fire ring

Poached Egg trail

Partial view from RBH

RBH cairn

Rock formations ...

... with caves

Swampy wet area

Back on Kakiat trail

Gorgeous greens

Frog ...

... on Kakiat

Deer on Kakiat

Near Cascade of Slid

Cascades ...

... near Slid

Rickety repaired Kakiat bridge

Back on Pine Meadow trail

Deep green hues

The repaired Kakiat bridge

Graffiti tree

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