Rifle Camp Park

Rifle Camp Park (2/21/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 4/24/2003 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. Laura is still nursing a strained ankle, so we wanted to keep it short, relatively easy and relatively level. This is quite an old hike (Daniel Chazin wrote this one up in early 2003), but the hike details remain completely accurate. The NY-NJ Trail Conference is in the midst of getting an incredible facelift, and I have been working with that amazing team by contributing images for dozens of hikes on that site, which is targeted for launch in early March. This was one of the hikes that didn't have a photo, so that was an extra incentive to hike this one today.

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Nature Center & Observatory on hill

Steps to the center, which was closed

View to Manhattan behind observatory

Manhattan skyline

The observatory

Igneous basalt

[Photo by Laura]

Exercise station


[Photo by Laura]

Unimpressed deer

Trail skirts civilization

Water fountain ruin?

Octogonal concrete base

Stone culvert


Nearby apartment complex

Rear entrance to stage of ...

... outdoor ampitheater

Concrete tobiggan slide

It's about 500 feet

View from inside

[Photo by Laura]

The very rare Canadian Goose (not)

Another exercise station

Obstructed view of Great Notch Reservoir


Igneous basalt abounds

Unnamed pond


Side path to quarry

View of quarry


West Paterson and Manhattan skyline


Semi-frozen pond

[Photo by Laura]

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