Ringwood State Park (12/2/2006)

This is the Hike of the Week for 1/28/2005 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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English Tudor guest house

Sundial clock on chimney

On a Halifax trail switchback

Wanaque Reservoir from Mount Defiance

On Mount Defiance

The cairn photographer

On Ringwood-Ramapo trail

Skylands Manor


Glacial striations


Warm Puppy Rock

What did I tell you!


Wanaque Reservoir

Melissa was here

Bamboo on Ringwood-Ramapo trail


Bamboo close up


High Mountain Brook

Bridge over High Mountain Brook

Hoeferlin Memorial Trail


At Ilgenstein Rock

Manhattan from Ilgenstein Rock

Bear Swamp Lake from Ilgenstein Rock

Brushwood Pond

Gatum Pond

Our lunch spot on Gatum Pond

Reflections on Gatum Pond


More reflections

Crossover Trail

Ruins on Crossover Trail

Garter snake at the ruins


English Tudor guest house

Pump house

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