Ringwood Ponds

Ringwood Ponds, Ringwood State Park (10/18/2008)

This is the hike of the week for 5/23/2008 as described on the NYNJTC site.

The day was perfect for hiking (the temperature didn't rise about 60 F). And the fall foliage was gorgeous. We passed no less than eight lakes and ponds during the 4.5-hour, 8.5-mile figure eight. We were astounded not to see a single other hiker, though we did see a handful of mountain bicyclists, and we didn encounter crowds at Shepherd Lake when we got back to the car at about 1:30 PM (in the morning at about 9 AM, there wasn't another soul).

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The beach sand at Shepherd Lake

Church on the hill by the lake

Lady and the lake

Boat launch

Fall colors across Lake Shepherd

On the Ringwood-Ramapo trail

Significant leaf drop on


Old stone foundation

Climbing Mt. Defiance


Ringwood Manor from Mt. Defiance

View west


View of Skylands Manor from Halifax spur

Wanaque Reservoir

Close up of Wanaque Reservoir

Another look-out off Ringwood-Ramapo trail

Wanaque Reservoir

Gorgeous carriage road

Turkey vulture


Beautiful leafy path

On the Crossover trali


Bridge over stream

Gatun Pond


Fall colors at Gatun Pond


Gatun Pond

Radio-controlled plane field

Brushwood Pond ...

... south of the field


Two roads diverged in a wood

Pond on unmarked carriage road

Old rusted fire plug

Weyble Pond

Lunch at Weyble

Soaring hawk


Unmarked carriage road

Padded with leaves

Curious bug

Different angle

Homestead fence?

Southern Glasmere Pond

Northern-most Glasmere Pond

Fall colors on Glasmere Pond

Abandonded stable

Inside the stable

View of stable

Abandonded gate house

Arch of gate house

Downstairs fireplace


Switchbacking up Mt. Defiance


Interesting rock striations

[Photo by Laura]

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