Roaring Rocks Park

Roaring Rock Park (8/16/2014)

I found this lovely, somewhat remote area on the awesome Birding and Wildlife Trails website run by the NJ Audubon Society. There aren't any views (though there is a look-out denoted on the map, which is probably seasonal) but lots of climbing through lush forest, an abandoned reservoir and a nice stretch which parallels the beautiful Roaring Rock Creek.

We parked in the lot right off of Harmony-Brass Castle Road where there is enough room for at least six cars. Following this map, we first headed west along White doing the entire 1.9-mile loop before arriving back at Roaring Rock Creek. We then took the Blue trail east along the creek and climbed to the summit (there was no view at the spot marked "East Overlook") before returning back to the creek by taking the leg of White (again) from the summit to the creek. We then explored the abandoned reservoir before heading east from the parking area to the picnic bench on the Family Trail. The map shows this as a loop but it ends at the picnic area.

Total distance hiked was 3.6 miles in 2.75 hours with a fair amount of climbing.

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Room for 5-6 cars

Beer-proof trash container

White trail head

Side visit to...

...abandoned reservoir

Back on White


Roaring Rock Creek

He never left!

Ruins below [photo by Laura]

Now climbing...

...and climbing...

...on White

Blurry White-breasted Nut Hatch

Gorgeous greens...

...along the way

Partial view east

Wild turkey

Path levels a bit

Parallel paths


Tree-hugger [photo by Laura]

"Big Oak Tree" denoted on map

Heading to...

...view-less summit

Heading back down...

...on White to...

Roaring Rock Creek

[Photo by Laura]

Laura in Roaring Rock Creek

Mushrooms and cascades

Hut across creek

Tiny frog

Climbing again, this time on Blue

Limited view from "East Overlook"

Very limited view

A bit overgrown in places


Bridge over...

...Roaring Rock Creek


Hole filled with water

Cascade behind...

...the reservoir

Photo from above


Path along...

...edge of...

...abandoned reservoir

Roaring Rock Creek

Heading back to car

Our lunch spot [photo by Laura]

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