Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary
This is the Hike of the Week from just five days ago, the one for 12/17/2009 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. Today was Laura's birthday, so we took the day off from work and did what we love, hiking in the snowy woods. This hike isn't a long hike, and isn't amazingly picturesque, but it was the perfect hike for today for two reasons: this area was socked with another foot of snow this past weekend, so a short hike was in order today, because hiking through lots of snow can be quite enervating (and this one has a pretty tiring climb on the red trail, besides). Second, the trail head is behind the fire department and municipal building for Rockleigh, NJ, so the parking lot was very nicely plowed!

Total distance hiked today was just under 2 miles in almost 1.5 hours.

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