Rahway River Parkway

Rahway River Parkway (5/18/2013)

We didn't go hiking last weekend because I injured my ankle and I couldn't walk more than a few minutes even here around town. But it improved very much over the past few days so I was very happy to hit the trails again this weekend. Still, I kept it relatively short and easy, doing a hike that Daniela and Shawnee blogged about last month. We hiked nearly the entire extent of the white trail that parallels the Rahway River. It's about 2 miles from end to end. We stopped when we reached the picnic pavillion because the path become quite overgrown from that point. Before beginning the hike, we walked a bit in the opposite direction to get better views of the Jackons Pond Dam. There was an abundance of wildlife out there today, as there had been last month.

Total distance hiked today was about 5 miles in about 2.5 hours.

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Jackons Pond

Mallard couple greeting us

View from ...

... southern tip

Laura on ...

... the dam

View north

Cormorant resting


Lone mallard above cascade

Juvenile Barn Swallow

Canada Goose & 5 goslings


Goose family

Swan protecting swan nest

Heading north ...

... along pond

Watching the swan

Wildflowers on bank

Swamp wildflowers

White trailhead

Giant tree trunk

Rahway River


Gray Catbird

Trail above the river

Steps to ...

... the bank

Gorgeous path ...

... along the bank

Swampy in spots

Green bursting out

Old growth

Old man by growth [photo by Laura]

Trail along road in places

Remains of ...

... old bridge

Blue Jay

The amazingly ...

... beautiful ...

... bank of ...

... the Rahway River

Lush growth in spots

Stone remains

[Photo by Laura]

Remains along ...

... the river

Bloodgoods Pond Dam

Swan in Bloodgoods Pond


Trail above the pond

Old stone barrier

Banana sticker tree

Flowers over river

Culvert below

Fireplaces at ...

... picnic area

View from pavillion

Poison ivy abounds

Two male mallards

Idyllic scene

River reflections


Swampy part of river

Trail wildflower

Koi fish couple!

Koi fish surfacing


Climbing on way back

River below the trail

Wooden water bars?

Another goose family

Egrets in Jacksons Pond

This family has ...

... only four goslings




Cormorant near Swan nest

Four little goslings!

Mommy watching over them

Male Red-Winged Blackbird

Large fish in pond

Female Red-winged Blackbird

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