Rutgers University Ecological Preserve
Last week Shawnee and Daisy took Daniela hiking in this lovely spot on my old college stomping grounds. Though there aren't any views, vistas, lakes or ponds, it's a beautiful little tranquil area in an otherwise very busy New Brunswick. We tried parking in Johnson Park where Daniela parked, but all the entrances to the park were blocked by either city police or park police cars (though the park was clearly open and folks were managing to park in lots further from the action). We did manage to park a bit further west in a lot right off River Road which added just a bit more of a grassy walk to get to the trail head.

Using this map we followed a route too convoluted to describe here. Suffice it to say, we covered almost all of Orange, nearly all of Green, all of Red, part of White and about half of Blue (the eastern leg). Our track can be found here.

Total distance hiked today was 5.2 miles in just under 3 hours.

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Heading south ...

... then east in Johnson Park

Cricket on ball field 1

Bridge over Buell Brook

Park's bike path

New Brunswick across the Raritan

Curious squirrel

Preserve southern trail head


Started with a climb

Steep descent

A bit slippery

Buell Brook

On Orange

More climbing

Orange & Blue

Brunswick shale ...

... along path

Two roads diverged

Gorgeous windy Orange

Queen Anne's Lace

Tiny wildflower

Plane dragging banner (unseen)

Trail daisies

Very elusive fawn


Tunnel to open field

Squirrel-proof birdhouses

Beautiful open field

Interested moth

[Photo by Laura]


Downy woodpecker

Old road

On Yellow ...

... overlooking brook

Abandoned rusty fence

Buell Brook

[Photo by Laura]

Bright tiny fungus

Six spotted tiger beetle

Boardwalk on Green

On Green

Long boardwalk on Green

Large downed tree

Bridge over ...

... Buell Brook

Gerridae on water

Raspberries about to bloom

Growth on downed tree

Meeting area on Red

Sandy Damage explanation

Large downed tree

Protected vegetation

Building on "Road 1"

Six spotted tiger beetle

Descending on Blue


Poor dead skunk!

Steep descent on Blue

Fish in brook

Gerridae and its shadow

Steep climb on Orange

Laura atop shale

Blue jay

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