Saffin Pond & Headley Overlook

Saffin Pond & Headley Overlook, Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (9/26/2009)

This is hike #15 ("Saffin Pond & Headley Overlook") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). We hiked about half of the trails covered here nearly four years ago, mainly the first half of today's hike, which uses mainly the Highlands trail. The remainder of today's hike was on woods roads, and was all new for us.

There was a chill in the air this morning (it was in the mid-50s when we started the hike) and the fall foliage was just beginning to make its appearance!

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On the Ogden Railway bed

First view of Saffin Pond

Fall foliage begins!

The sun pops out

Saffin Pond from the western bank

View north

Saffin pond dam bridge


Climbing the Highlands trail

Trail wildflowers


Beautiful mushrooms

Shagbark Hickory

Some leaf drop

Colors beginning to change

Significant leaf drop in places

Trail mushroom


Tree mushroom

Bridge over Weldon Brook

Weldon Brook

Nature's carvings


Still on the Highlands Trail

Slippery tree roots

Woods stream

Ricketty "bridge"

Trail goes through boulder field


Mushrooms were plentiful today

More rock hopping

Climbing to the overlook

Taking a break [Photo by Laura]

Now where are we?

Bumble bee on Goldenrod


Did I do that?? [photo by Laura]

Trail to overlook

Lake Hopatcong from overlook

At Headley overlook

[photo by Laura]

View east

Mountain Laurel thicket

On woods road

Stream crossing

Fall colors on woods road

Bird house

Our lunch spot at Saffin Pond

Saffin Pond reflections

Eastern bank of pond

Boulder in pond

Signs of beavers!

On edge of jetty in pond

On jetty


More beaver activity

Saffin pong from northern tip


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