South Branch WMA & Clover Hill Park

It's a good thing I wore orange today. The hunters were out in force in this 500+ acre wildlife management area. It's the first time we ever hiked in this area and we covered every trail noted on this map (a few more than once) in addition to a long southerly stroll between two fields crossing under the powerline cut, which saved us the need of walking many of the trails twice, forming a sort of lollipop. Nothing is marked in this area, but its impossible to get lost. Lots of the "trails" are old paved roads, others just lanes of tamped down grass between fields.

We parked at the Hillsborough Road entrance where there's room for at least a dozen vehicles. There were already a handful of vehicles there, all those of hunters because we heard nearby gunshots as soon as we left the car. And within 20 minutes, upon leaving the trail to jockey for position for a good photo, I was a bit startled when I nearly stepped on a freshly killed gorgeous red fox. It had been left off the trail by a hunter who was just getting started. Not being a hunter myself, I was saddened to see such a beautiful creature lying dead on the side of the trail, eyes still open. There's a whole other world out there, apparently.

We covered 4.7 miles today in about 2.5 hours.

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Kiosk near parking lot

Beautiful old growth

Small pond ...

... west of parking lot

Water spill

View east

Color in the powerline cut


Gated entrance

Red-tailed hawk

Corn field

Red-tailed hawk

Abandoned farm building

Heading to the cemetery

Northern Harrier hawk

Only one gravestone here

View north

Three deer fleeing gunshots

Dead red fox ...

... freshly killed

Farm on hill

Grasshopper on paved trail

Wild grass

Heading south

Heading east through cornfield

Child of the corn [photo by Laura]

Mansions outside of Clover Hill Park

Paved Clover Hill Park trail

Jersey farmland

Loads of birds

Birdhouses along the way

Two farm vehicles passed us


Sign for South Branch WMA

Abandoned corn

[photo by Laura]

Two farm vehicles

Rows and mansions


[Photo by Laura]

Back to the power lines


Tiny stream


View east from eastern-most point

Eastern gate at Hillsborough Road

Horse grazing


Nature taking over

More hunters

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