Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary
This is hike #27 ("Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary") in 50 Hikes in New Jersey (3rd edition). We visited this sanctuary way back in 2005, though at that time weren't following a hike description but merely meandering about the grounds close to the sanctuary office. Hence, those photos are filed under "Zoos & Sanctuaries" and can be found here. Today we followed the description of a 3-mile hike which utilized parts of Patriot's Path, the Brigade Trail, visited the Cross Estate grounds and gardens, and then following an unmarked path along the Passaic River.

While the described hike is 3 miles, we walked quite a bit around the Cross Estate so our total today was 4 miles.

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Parking lot on Hardscrabble Road

Steep climb on Patriot's Path

Informative signs on Brigade trail

Glowing green Brigade trail

Huge 6 trunk tree


Tree mushrooms

Trail mushrooms

Sanctuary tower

The Cross mansion

Rhododendron thicket

Gate to Cross Estate Gardens

Inside the gardens

Pregnant deer outside

View from the pergola


[photo by Laura]

A tranquil break

Surrounded by color


Estate grounds

Pergola is covered with wisteria


The beautiful pergola


View down the pergola

Sanctuary tower

Remains of chimney

Descending on Brigade trail

Passaic River

Bridge over Passaic

Slabs of rock in Passaic

The water is cool


On the River trail

A tannin-colored Passaic


Old growth abounds here

On the Field Loop trail

Sanctuary gate

Bird houses

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