Schiff Nature & McVickers Brook Preserves
Last year, almost to the day, we visited this beautiful area, not more than 20 minutes from where we live. Today we returned to do some of the trails that weren't there in the past.

Using this map we parked at the visitor's center and intended on hiking the area in the southwestern part of the preserve, west of Mosle Road. So we took White north to Blue which we took all the way to Union Schoolhouse Road. We walked along the side of the road (which does have a bit of traffic, both bicycle and car) to where the trail enters the woods. But when we got there, there was no bridge and a raging brook to cross. We couldn't cross it, so we headed back to Blue. Ironically, at the end of the hike, we noticed that there is now a tiny annotation on the park map behind the glass of the kiosk at the visitor's center which says "River Ford" (see the laste photo in this collection). But this notation is not on the PDF map nor on the kiosk maps that you can take with you. Perhaps we'll return one day, park on Mosle Road and hike that part from there.

When we got back to Blue we took relatively new, and steep trails, back to the main trail network which we enjoyed for another couple of hours. You can see our track here.

Total distance hiked today was 5.6 miles in a bit over 3 hours.

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