Schooley's Mountain

Schooley's Mountain (8/9/2010)

This is hike #16 ("Schooley's Mountain") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). I hiked much of this park in 2006 with a co-worker. But today was Laura's first time in this park. It's an amazingly varied hike, in a relatively small Morris County park. But the size shouldn't fool you. This hike has some serious climbing, an overlook, a lake, a floating bridge, a wildflower field, and a couple of wonderful waterfalls along a brook.

Total distance was 3.9 miles in just over 2 hours.

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It begins with a climb


Beautiful ferns

Tiny toad

Another tiny toad

Junction with Highland Cut trail


Near high point of Schooley's Mountain

[Photo by Laura]


Graffiti tree

Lake George through trees

The floating bridge


Lake George

Hungry Canada Goose

With three ducks

Mallard close-up

Goose fishing

Lake George

Boat house


Lodge on hill

Heading to lake

Lake George

Mowed path through field

Bridge by dam

Southern tip of Lake George

On Falling Waters trail

Electric Brook

[Photo by Laura]

Tiny waterfall

View downstream

Boulder hopping


Garter snake

Giant rock formations

Steep decline


Waterfall pool

Laura at falls

Another view

Climbing back to trail

Drill holes in rock

Heading to viewpoint


Searching for old graffiti

NJ farms below

Enjoying the view

Sandy near viewpoint

A rocky descent

Patriot's Path back

Old multi-trunked tree

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