Schunemunk Mountain

Schunemunk Mountain (4/15/2006)

This is Western Hudson Hike #18 ("High Knob and Schunemunk Mountain") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition).
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Under railroad trestle

Norfolk Southern tracks

Long Path blaze

Schunemunk in fog

Schunemunk looms

Climb to Little Knob

Southern view from Little Knob


Climb to High Knob


New Woodbury development

Eastern view from High Knob

View southeast

View northeast



Eye-level scrub oak

View of High Knob


On Schunemunk ridge

View west from ridge


NE jaunt along ridge

Cairns mark the path

Three glacial errata

Schunemunk's 1664' peak

Old site of fire tower

Sign for megaliths

Path to megaliths

View northwest


Laura at edge of megaliths

Cairns galore!

View east

Distant towers at Jessup trail

Through a lemon squeezer

View north from High Knob

NE from High Knob


Still building

Local quarry


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