Shadmoor State Park

Shadmoor State Park (4/6/2013)

This was the last of five amazing hikes we did on the southern fork of Long Island the week of April 2. We followed the hike "Shadmoor State Park and Nature Preserve" in the book Hiking Long Island, though the area is also covered in the book Trail Guide to the Southern Fork, another terrific book of this area.

Like the first day, we kept this one short since we had a long drive ahead of us. Once again the weather was spectacular, although it was quite windy again. One of the highlights were the hoodoos which are striking rock formations on the bluffs, the abandoned WWII bunker (which apparently looked like a normal mansion when it was being used), and the surfer! Yes, there were a couple of dozen surfers riding the waves in their wet suits on this cold and windy morning.

Total distance hiked today was just over 2 miles in just over an hour.

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Trail fork near start

Relatively straight path to bluffs

Smaller building near ...

... abandoned bunker

Ocean view from bunker side

Side of bunker

Front of bunker

Path to bluffs


So inviting


Bunker behind


Bluffs overlooking surfers

Informative sign on bluff

View west

Path east


Hoodoo formations

Surfers awaiting a wave

Bluffs looking east

Hoodoo formations


Riding a wave

Fence prevents access to cliff

Riding it!

Atlantic Ocean

Cold morning

Path mostly follows ...

... the cliffs


Gorgeous ocean views

View west

Lone surfer waiting for a wave

Mom and daughter on beach


Heading to shore

Rock like tiramisu

More surfers

Collecting shells

On the beach

Female surfer relaxing

Choppy waves

Purple sand

Back to the bluffs

Low-flying helicopter

Sign for park

Narrow path inside park


Creek crossing

Spring is here!

Informational kiosk

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