Shay-AT-Ladder-Coss-Stoll, Stokes State Forest (5/26/2012)

We hiked in this beautiful area just over two months ago. At that time I realized that additional circuit hikes could be formed that incorporated sections of the AT not previously visited. Today's hike incorporated the section between the Shay Trail and Jacob's Ladder. We actually hiked this section back in 2008 but a lingering fog obstructed all possible views. So today we returned.

We parked at the very large pull-off on Dimon Road (nearly 3 miles west of Route 206) just across the entrance road for the Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp. We walked further along Dimon passing the Stoll trailhead, eventually turning left on Shay Road trail. This we took past the Brink Shelter to the AT where we then headed north. The NYNJTC map for this stretch indicates a west-facing viewpoint followed by an east-facing vista. Along this undulating ridgeline we found two east-facing views but no west-facing view. Perhaps it was too overgrown. Next we turned left on Jacob's Ladder trail descending from the ridge to the end of the trail where we picked up Coss Road, unblazed woods road to the beautiful Stoll Trail. A short walk east on Dimon brought us back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 6.5 miles in 3 hours.

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On Dimon Road

Shay Road trail


Spring blooms

An eft

Mountain Laurel



Swamp off ...

... Shay Road trail

Now ascending

Brink's shelter

The AT

AT registry ...

... box

Pages of registry

A very green AT

Bare area off trail

Narrow in spots

Turkey vulture

Overlooking Culvers Lake

Culvers Lake below

Pink and White Lady Slipper (Cypripedium reginae)

Partial view west

Fire ring

Views ...

... east to ...

... Culvers Lake


[Photo by Laura]

Eyed Click Beetle (side view)

Eyed Click Beetle (top view)


Jacob's Ladder trail

End of Ladder trail

Frog in huge puddle

More frogs ...

... in various puddles

On Coss Road

Stoll Trail

Downed tree

The forest is ...

... exploding green

Stream off trail

Stream goes under Dimon Road

Back to Dimon Road

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