Silas Condict County Park
This is hike #14 ("The Pequannock Highlands") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). We drove out to this park two Saturdays ago. It started raining about half way there and poured when we got there. We waited for a few minutes for the rain to stop but it was unrelenting, so we turned around and went back home. Today we tried once again to fit this relatively short hike into a somewhat tight Saturday schedule. It rained just a bit on the way but started raining really hard about 30 minutes into the hike. But it was nearly noon so we found a protective tree under which to eat, where we began wondering if we would ever get to do this hike! Lo and behold, by the time we were finished it stopped raining! The sun popped out only during the last ten minutes or so, but the cloudy skies made the early fall colors much more vibrant than had it been sunny.

This is a beautiful little park, albeit one with lots of picnic tables and family-friendly facilities. Had the weather been better I'm sure we would not have experienced the solitude we enjoyed on rainy, cloudy day. Even as it poured while we ate lunch, we could see families on the other side of the lake congregating under the protective roof of an enclosed picnic area. And the Casino was in the process of hosting a wedding reception.

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Hoping it doesn't rain [photo by Laura]

Awesome rocks near the trail head

Gravel trail near the start

Steady uphill for about 1/2 mile

Trailside ferns

Some early fall color

Still ascending


[photo by Laura]

Lots of leaf drop

Obscured lookout


View obstructed by leaves

Mushrooms on the rocks

Carpet of fall leaves

[photo by Laura]

On go the rain ponchos!

Slippery rock surface

View of rainy lake

Our wet lunch spot

Casino on other side of lake

View of lake south

A tranquil lake after the rain

The Casino

Drizzling a bit again

[photo by Laura]

Fall colors on the lake


Laura keeping dry

Lake from northern tip

Ducks in the lake

Close-up of the Casino

Lake looking south

[photo by Laura]

This rock was slippery

Gorgeous reflections

Near the ball field

Beautiful fall foliage


Look at those leaves!

Beautiful path

Checking the description




Tiny branch mushrooms

Ascending to a viewpoint

Bench at the viewpoint

Nice seasonal view

[photo by Laura]

Heading back down

Fog further in

Wet, partially foggy trail

Mushrooms on fallen tree

Mountain Laurel trailside

Beautiful fall colors


Sun peaking out over lake

Getting sunny

Gorgeous fall carpet


Heading back to the car

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