Lakes Skenonto & Sebago

Lakes Skenonto & Sebago, Harriman State Park (12/11/2010)

This is another lollipop hike (with a very short stick) of my own invention comprised almost completely of Harriman paths we haven't previously hiked, much of it on unmaintained, unblazed paths and woods roads. It visits two beautiful lakes, Skenonto and Sebago, both of which seemed frozen solid, topped with a dusting of snowflakes from earlier in the week.

We parked on Route 106 at the Victory trail's northern trailhead and took that trail south, making a right on the Ramapo-Dunderberg (at the fireplace) heading west to take in two vistas on Parker Cabin Mountain, one looking east, the other looking south. After taking in the views we backtracked to the intersection with the Triangle trail, making a right onto that trail to head east on a sharp descent off Parkin Cabin Mountain. We took this trail all the way to the southern tip of Lake Skenonto then continued south to the bank of Lake Sebago. At this point we made a left on an unmaintained trail and headed north along the beautiful western bank of Sebago for about a mile. After we reached the picnic area, before the Sebago beach, we made a left on a crumbling old camp road and took that NW to the Victory trail. We turned right onto that trail and took it all the way back to the car.

This is an absolutely beautiful hike with terrific vistas and gorgeous lakes. There's a real sense of isolation at the two lakes, especially during the one-mile trek along the bank of Sebago on a unmaintained trail which is at times just a trace in the fallen leaves. But it's impossible to get lost, as long as you head north keeping the lake on your right.

Total distance hiked today was 5.5 miles, in about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

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Victory trail head

Swamp across Rt. 106

Mountain Laurel thicket

Icy stream

Fireplace at R-D intersection

Heading west on R-D

Beautiful ridged whaleback

Tom Jones Mountain in rear


Vapor trails

Partial view south

Ridge of Parker Cabin Mtn

View east past errata

View south

View to Tuxedo

Continuing south on R-D

Southern vista

Glacial erratic with ...

... dedication to a dog

View SE

Spots of ice

Lake Sebago

Aerial tower in distance

Steep descent on Triangle [photo by Laura]

Laura descending

Descending Parker Cabin Mtn


Rock shelter [photo by Laura]

Continuing the descent

Green on ...

... Triangle trail

Giant rock structure

The photographer [photo by Laura]

Cute little Chickadee

Telephone line crossing

First glimpse of Lake Skenonto

A frozen Lake Skenonto

The southwestern bank

Island in the lake

Trail skirts southern bank

Lake Skenonto looking north

Icy run-off

Stream crossing

Ice on trail

First view of Lake Sebago

On southwestern bank

Fire ring further north

Icicles along the way

Marks across the lake

Brundage Hill across lake

[Photo by Laura]

Stream coming ...

... from Skenonto ...

... merging with Sebago

Lake Sebago looking south


Bird feathers

Trail skirts western bank

A track to an island

First glimpse of beach facilities

Path is right at the lake here

Lake Sebago beach facility


Photographing nature

Beach signs

One of many picnic benches

Frozen water from culvert


Phragmites on Sebago

View from near northern tip


Old camp building

Demolishing another

Pines and power lines

Decrepit buildings

Back on Victory trail

A cautious deer

Heading back on Victory

It's a woods road here

Laura makes ...

... a friend

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